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Having difficulty managing the stresses of life: work, family, friends? Becoming overwhelmed with responsibilities? Having trouble sleeping, managing your weight, experiencing physical pain or overusing alcohol? Grieving a loss and struggling to cope? Having trouble setting limits and boundaries with people in your life? Feeling stuck and questioning your next move?  Consider individual or couples counseling to help you get renewed and refocused on your life plan. 

Clinical Training , Clinical Supervision, and Professional Public Speaking Appearances 

 Looking to address deficits in clinical knowledge, documentation, and practice at your agency through skilled educational programming?  Are you a Resident in Counseling seeking a skilled and knowledgeable Clinical Supervisor?  Are you looking for a Public Speaker with expertise in the mental health field? Contact us to schedule a Clinical Training , connect for Clinical Supervision, or schedule a Public Speaking appearance.  

To schedule an appointment, click here:

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